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Customization while Hosting

Review by Dan Lee on 3/25/2016

Our site is unusual in that we give away more items that we sell, and even the few items for sale required more than the standard presentation. Although the NVelocity scripting language is not the most modern, in conjunction with the product forms it allows us to customize each item dynamically, and present the features we need the customer to see and have.

Great software for e-commerce!

Review by Sharon on 3/25/2016

We've been using AbleCommerce for many years and recently upgraded to the GOLD version. Wow! Very nice shopping cart and storefront software. The best thing about it is the flexibility it offers. There isn't anything we've wanted it to do that we haven't been able to implement. We chose the hosted version, so we have none of the hassles of installation or maintenance, beyond the customizations we add ourselves. Mike and Katie have both been super-responsive whenever anything went wrong or when we needed to upgrade. So far it has been an awesome experience all around. I highly recommend this software and the team at AbleCommerce. Our AbleCommerce store is at: www.flexodepot.com if you'd like to see how a live store looks and feels.

Perfect Out of the Box Yet Customizable

Review by Gail Reece, PA on 3/25/2016

I've been using Able Commerce for years and have no need or intention of switching to another program. I've compared and tried many & all lack the capabilities straight out of the box that Able has. The asp.net programing with many options, kits, bundles, up sell and cross sell allows you to completely customize a product for the retail consumer. Marketing tools, coupons, discounts, blast email, with customizable templates allow you to personalize the experience. Able Gold is responsive and looks beautiful on all platforms. Gone are the days of having a mobile site when one does it all. The option to host your self or be hosted with Able is perfect for the new asp.net user. It allows you time to focus on what you do. Service is excellent, if ever I break something they are fast to help! You won't go wrong by choosing Able! 30 day free trial and bam your sold!

Functional - Dependable – Adaptable – Current

Review by Larry on 3/28/2016

.We have been using Able Commerce since 2004. I am amazed with their ability to upgrade and make the software relevant to competitive market place changes, demanding expectations of savvy on-line shoppers and the rapid growth in technology. Able Gold is a great example. We are converting a traditional legacy website into an updated and mobile friendly responsive site. We have been using Able to host our site from the beginning. With a history of no hosting issues or downtime I have complete confidence our site will run with clockwork precision. The “backstage” functionality of the software allows the ability to professionally manage dynamically built SKU’s with thousands of options for Style, Size, Color, Price. The order management process easily tracks orders from receipt thru assembly and production to customer notification at the time of shipping. We are very pleased with the performance of the product and the results we have achieved using Able Commerce over many years.

Ablecommerce Gold

Review by mark on 3/31/2016

I've been using AbleCommerce for over 10 years now for my online store. The Gold software is easy to use for creating products and maintenance. The folks in tech support are always very helpful when I have an issue. Would recommend to anyone thinking of opening an E-Commerce store.

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