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Great software for e-commerce!

Review by Sharon on 3/25/2016

We've been using AbleCommerce for many years and recently upgraded to the GOLD version. Wow! Very nice shopping cart and storefront software. The best thing about it is the flexibility it offers. There isn't anything we've wanted it to do that we haven't been able to implement. We chose the hosted version, so we have none of the hassles of installation or maintenance, beyond the customizations we add ourselves. Mike and Katie have both been super-responsive whenever anything went wrong or when we needed to upgrade. So far it has been an awesome experience all around. I highly recommend this software and the team at AbleCommerce. Our AbleCommerce store is at: www.flexodepot.com if you'd like to see how a live store looks and feels.

Customization while Hosting

Review by Dan Lee on 3/25/2016

Our site is unusual in that we give away more items that we sell, and even the few items for sale required more than the standard presentation. Although the NVelocity scripting language is not the most modern, in conjunction with the product forms it allows us to customize each item dynamically, and present the features we need the customer to see and have.

Best in Class

Review by Kevin on 3/23/2016

I've been using Ablecommerce for over 15 years and in my opinion it's the best eCommerce product on the market. The reliability, capability and flexibility of this software is unmatched. Additionally, I'm pleased that Ablecommerce keeps up to date with new features including a responsive design. If you're looking for a solid product that works "out of the box" or can be molded to fit your company's needs, you've just found it.

A good platform

Review by Cindy on 3/16/2016

Able Commerce has been a good steady platform with very few issues. We currently have two websites on it. Its very simple to use. The updates and features are fantastic and you really get a lot of value for your money.

Outstanding for developers

Review by Joe on 3/13/2016

I've been a programmer for over 30 years and love Able Gold. I need projects to start fast and run well. The class designs are extremely easy to understand and follow. Able obviously put a lot of thought into being consistent with their object classes. It makes it so much faster to build my programming. All the code comments and xml documentation help me quickly figure out a new area or understand a particular service class. They really went out of their way to make the code easy to follow. The data schema design makes extending the data layer so easy. Parent-child relationships are everywhere and they just make sense. Payment.shipping gateways are so well documented it's easy to build new integrations. It's hard to find a C# ASP.Net app these days that can support responsive design, exposes IOC containers and fully implements a high performance ORM. As a platform for building fast and reliable customized eCommerce deployments, you can't beat AbleCommerce Gold.

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