AbleCommerce Newsletter January 2019

 January 2019     •     Volume 26     •     Issue 1

AbleCommerce January 2019 Announcements

AbleCommerce 9 RC 1 with content management system released!

For three years, we have been working hard on a new version of AbleCommerce. With this release, we provide merchants with easy online editing capabilities (see video) along with content management. The entire Merchant Administration has been redesigned and is now fully responsive and mobile friendly.

Please signup for a free 14 day online demo or download to install on your own server.

Here is a partial list of new features and changes:

  • Free 1 administrator version for startups
  • Free perpetual developer edition
  • New Merchant Administration, updated and mobile friendly
  • Easy online editing from any page
  • Advanced website editing available
  • Language strings with inline editor
  • SEO friendly catalog URLs
  • New Search options
  • New SSL manager
  • New Ship Groups feature for custom shipping scenarios
  • Google reCaptcha integration
  • Multi-factor authentication for PA-DSS 3.2 compliance
  • Written in Asp.Net MVC
  • New Plugin gallery
  • New Upgrade manager

AbleCommerce 9 CMS on the retail side

Preview color changes of buttons, header text, footer text and fonts before applying.

New subscription based pricing

Over the last 25 years things have changed (a bit), though one thing has remained the same for our team. Our goal of helping individuals and companies succeed. In 2019, we are taking bold steps outside of what we've done over the last two-and-a-half decades, with the goal of helping even more startups with a robust ecommerce system as their foundation for success. With the introduction of a free edition for startups and new subscription-based pricing model, nearly anyone can leverage AbleCommerce to power their dreams.

UPDATE: Authorize.Net is phasing out the MD5 based transHash

If you are using, you may of recieved a warning..

We have identified that you have this feature configured and may be relying on MD5 based transHash in transaction responses for verifying the sender is Authorize.Net.

We have confirmed that this warning is invalid and does not apply to any version of AbleCommerce.

ALERT: Remove your AbleCommerce GOLD /install directory!

While assisting customers with support issues we are seeing the dashboard alert to remove the install directory more frequently than we should be..which is never. Leaving the directory in place can allow bad actors to shutdown your store by altering the database connection string or license key.

Tax Experts Explain Supreme Court Decision on Nexus

In the recent South Dakota v. Wayfair case, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of South Dakota, granting the state authority to impose sales tax obligations on out-of-state transactions.

What does this mean for online sellers, and how will it impact their business?

Our partners at Avalara are bringing together two leading tax policy experts - Scott Peterson and Rachel Le Mieux, CPA, CMI - to break down the ruling and explain:

  • Whether remote sellers need to file and register in more states
  • How the ruling affects future laws across other states
  • How to determine whether you’re on the hook for sales tax based on where you conduct business

This is one video you can't afford to miss!

Duration: One hour

Watch Now


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