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#1 Posted : Thursday, April 25, 2019 11:52:01 AM(UTC)

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Hello All,

AbleCommerce v9 release candidate 3 is now available for download from https://www.ablecommerce.com/freedownload.aspx

You can download the RC2 to RC3 upgrade file in the RC2 admin: Upgrades > Available Upgrades

Between RC2 and RC3 101 issues were resolved including two new features. If you are an early adopter this is a solid release to get started with!

New Feature AC9-969 add css editor codemirror for custom.css
New Feature AC9-906 Featured Category with widget and management pages
Improvement AC9-1052 Fix view errors for plugins
Improvement AC9-1019 Web Application should allow precompilation of views
Improvement AC9-1017 Update Website project for publishing required resources
Improvement AC9-1016 Clean project file and remove missing file references
Improvement AC9-1012 Fix mobile issues and correct deviations from umarket template
Improvement AC9-1011 UI not updating on deleting the entry. Only toastr info message appears.
Improvement AC9-1004 adjust logo padding for small screen
Improvement AC9-994 Adjust links in copyright to have rel="noopener"
Improvement AC9-990 Always ensure meta description for webpage, product and category pages
Improvement AC9-989 Add button to Purge Credit Cards that are stored
Improvement AC9-988 Unable to view large option image
Improvement AC9-986 Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy
Improvement AC9-985 Script includes requested by partial views should be defered by default
Improvement AC9-983 Enable bundling for theme resources
Improvement AC9-963 Move Featured Categories widget to general
Improvement AC9-952 Admin Widgets listing page ABC filter isn't working consistenly
Improvement AC9-951 Admin store setting page is giving error on save button
Improvement AC9-950 Store header Category menus cache issue need to be fixed on Sorting category
Improvement AC9-944 Store Header Menubar => Issue with listing categories in store menu widget.
Improvement AC9-933 Error in store header after latest update
Improvement AC9-930 shopping.com feed never shows completed
Improvement AC9-929 Need paging on the Admin/Assets page
Improvement AC9-925 button not formatted 'Ship to Multiple Addresses'
Improvement AC9-923 Design mode required to be on while changing templates
Improvement AC9-916 Widgets that break the site when added to homepage
Improvement AC9-914 Product breadcrumbs missing category - subcategory
Improvement AC9-894 Ability to change the page background
Improvement AC9-865 Invalid redirection urls are present in retail controllers
Improvement AC9-844 Ability to edit widgets that display text (e.g. email list signup success text)
Improvement AC9-810 favicon not found HTTP 404
Bug AC9-1049 Deleting first payment of order actually deletes the last one
Bug AC9-1036 Check in changes for minor admin text adjustments
Bug AC9-1035 While editing a board from retail, design mode broke
Bug AC9-1021 Blue menu bar doesn't show 4th category under More
Bug AC9-1020 Change Welcome to your new store...to h3
Bug AC9-1018 Submitting empty po number, then entering po number doesn't work
Bug AC9-1014 Capture payment popup should have the Close Authorization capture option selected by default
Bug AC9-1010 SQL Injection and XSS issues found in scan of RC2
Bug AC9-1008 my account > orders > header text improperly formatted
Bug AC9-1007 product with options special price not formatted
Bug AC9-1006 "on category pages Product pricing missing price, special, etc. "
Bug AC9-1003 Lost store logo
Bug AC9-1002 Skin is always being pulled from Sample
Bug AC9-1000 Side bar category menu is using old formatting
Bug AC9-999 Product finder class="badge" now black text
Bug AC9-998 css style was working, someones change broke it.
Bug AC9-997 Quantity input field allows non-numeric characters to be entered
Bug AC9-995 Use the same CSS for Quantity function on product page
Bug AC9-991 Table columns are off for the Gift Wrap options page in checkout
Bug AC9-982 Handling of the TIC field for TaxCloud on the product editing page
Bug AC9-981 Advanced search for users still shows the admin groups
Bug AC9-980 Paging on the Configure > Store > Language page doesn't work
Bug AC9-979 Errors generated in log file when editing on retail side
Bug AC9-978 Show me the price doesn't work on product 'Quick View'
Bug AC9-977 Special end date not displayed
Bug AC9-974 New products should be included in feed by default
Bug AC9-971 Importing options leaves product with error
Bug AC9-970 summernote style option missing on retail side editing
Bug AC9-968 CSS display issues with the pricing after templates were implemented
Bug AC9-964 License agreement for digital good not shown from category add to cart
Bug AC9-961 Invalid horiztonal scroll
Bug AC9-960 Exporting uses hitting browser back button then the update button is grayed out.
Bug AC9-959 Cancel button doesn't return your to prior page
Bug AC9-958 Browser login page being displayed
Bug AC9-957 Password reset (lost password) confirmation text missing
Bug AC9-956 Background image reverts when you edit again and hit cancel
Bug AC9-955 CMS pop out should slide down the page when scrolling the page vertically
Bug AC9-953 Edit Category and Edit Product should have same top section UI
Bug AC9-949 Date format on dynamic and fixed redirects improperly formatted
Bug AC9-948 Batch edit many number fields showing too many decimal places
Bug AC9-947 Batch edit - Save and Next is not working
Bug AC9-946 Unable to update product URL after import
Bug AC9-945 Data Transfer > Product Export > select product to export broken
Bug AC9-943 New insallation sample data SQL errors
Bug AC9-942 html editor cannot see table number e.g. 1x1 2x2 3x3
Bug AC9-941 disable the three dots in paging for retail side
Bug AC9-940 Store menus in header widget settings not working
Bug AC9-939 Category Move Selected doesn't work with categories.
Bug AC9-938 New installation creates two themes and we only have one
Bug AC9-937 Admin > Category > Sort All Feature not working
Bug AC9-936 Issue with updating the currency exchange rate manually
Bug AC9-935 Vendor notification not being sent
Bug AC9-934 Currency providers don't appear to be working
Bug AC9-932 Google Feed failing - Price
Bug AC9-931 Site disclaimer page has issues
Bug AC9-928 Password assistance page shows lang string instead of text
Bug AC9-927 Customized pages show custom pages when there are none
Bug AC9-922 Edit Warehouse page won't update the state/province field on Country Change
Bug AC9-921 Summernote HTML source view or AC source view
Bug AC9-919 Product review settings to enable/disable for user type
Bug AC9-909 Fedex Height sent in as Length / Length sent in as height
Bug AC9-899 Setting in enable/disable inline HTML editing is not working in admin
Bug AC9-896 Configure > Store Setttings lists WebAPI as an authorized group
Bug AC9-890 Remove hardcoded references to PayPal/Braintree
Bug AC9-888 Label tooltip isn't working for Retail widget settings pop up.
Bug AC9-887 Anti-forgery token error in admin
Bug AC9-750 Improve reporting of Anonymous user count on Maintenance page
Bug AC9-621 Alignment issue on pinterest icon
Bug AC9-446 Exploit possible with Gift Certificates that can be purchased with a discount

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Thank you for your support!
Mike Randolph

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