Online shopping is the latest thing today as is the shopper’s ‘user experience’. No ecommerce business  can sustain itself in this age if it isn’t focused on providing the best user experience to the customer through their  online shopping site.

A user’s experience is one  thing that can make or mar an online shopping site.  You aren’t the only one standing with the freebies; the competition is cut throat and the customer is wise. You can’t hide anything so why not show it. Be educative, informative, supportive and proactive.

What we endeavor to capture is the viability of the eCommerce Shopping Cart’s ability to lure the customer into  pressing the Buy Now button quickly  to make the purchase, because that is as simple as it gets.

Why is registration necessary for every customer?

When I’m ready to buy, why should I fill in unnecessary forms when I don’t want to. Some sites make it an agenda to suck all the information from the customer in one go, but they forget that the customer has the liberty to abandon the checkout of an eCommerce shopping cart at any time.  According to (insert citation here),  3 out of 5 times the customer actually abandons the cart, and goes to another site when forced to fill useless registration forms. The world is paranoid about personal data privacy.   A good eCommerce Shopping Cart  must have the option to  checkout as a guest.

Does your site remain lucrative till the end or lose it’s shine?

There is no free lunch and every business understands this  clearly. Whenever an offer is given, the viability of that offer is calculated in advance. Once you have given such an offer, your eCommerce store should provide the customer to use the shopping cart until the very end of the purchase. A cart is very likely to be abandoned by a shopper if fear strikes that the offered price  is not getting applied. Getting someone to spend money on your  terms is a difficult task in this age of competition. The customer likes to be treated nicely and receive the benefit of shopping with you, so please offer the same.

Have you made your site look trustworthy to the customer?

Financial security with online transactions is one of the biggest concerns for all customer. Online fraud and theft of financial information from online payment systems is  something that is becoming far too common.  To address any such fears, it is always good to have trusted payment methods displayed on the site along with security seals.  The .Net ecommerce framework provides great provisions for inclusion of such security measures and sites must incorporate them.

Is the site easy to use?

Can the customer locate search, buy and add to cart buttons easily? Or are these signs lost in the splendor of your site? Because, if the latter is the case, then you might be losing customers frequently. In this age of speed and convenience, the customer will take the time to look for anything, so everything should be readily available and functional at all times. Always make it convenient for the customer to find the quintessential Buy Now button on the page. shopping carts give plenty of options for express checkout and payment choices making it as convenient as possible for the shopper.

Are you mobile friendly?

Is your shopping cart easy to use on a   mobile device? In this age, most of the offers are received by customers on their smartphones, and a  customer motivated by the lucrative offer makes the impulsive purchase on  the smartphone itself. The ease of using your shopping cart on a mobile device would make all the difference in such circumstances. Shopping Carts are very swift and easy to use as a mobile application and provide a great experience.

Does the customer have the freedom to choose from multiple shipping and payment options?

This is an option which gives a lot of ease of access to the user. People frequently switch between their office and home addresses for ordering things, so if they get the facility to add both the addresses and any more if they wish to, then it makes the purchase quick and easy for them. The customer should also get multiple payment options to make the purchase easy.  If your site doesn’t have them, then you should start looking for the best online store builder.

Are you giving the customer a chance to review the product until the last step in the checkout process?

No purchase is a blind purchase these days and the customer will always have the option to return the product even after purchasing. It’s prudent to let the customer make an informed decision on the purchase and review the product up until the last step in the checkout process, so that the trust can be increased.

Is making a purchase on your site similar to passing an exam?

Does it take too long for the customer to complete a transaction on your site? Are you asking the customer to fill out too many forms?  Are your customers calling you for help on how to make a purchase?? If your site is even close to these scenarios, then there is a very serious need to revamp the procedure. It is always in the best interest to keep the purchase form short and simple with a requirement of vital information only.   The customer is going to use his/her financial information, so the chances are higher that the customer will be more skeptical of the process. In addition to using short purchase forms, give your customers a surety that the purchase is going to be easy so it won’t be  aborted in the next step.

Are you giving freedom to the customer to return?

Always have an option to save the items in the cart  for later use. This ease of convenience, although doesn’t ensure instant purchase for you,  always leaves a chance that the customer might return to review the items  may make a purchase lured by your offers on that day.

It’s not  uncommon for a shopper to add items to his/her basket and leave the shopping site.  Make sure you can contact them later on and send a reminder in case they decide to return and finish the purchase.  It is a  good idea to keep as many options available as possible to increase the likelihood of a future purchase. .

Have you forgotten push sales?

Is your site using push sale options by suggesting additional relevant items while making a purchase? This is one feature which can often lead to extra sales and proves beneficial to the customer too. Many times it happens that the customer doesn’t realize the need of the other item, but if you have associated the relevant items and make the suggestions,  then it can be a great help to both you and the shopper. A good Shopping Cart gives you the liberty to use many such options easily.

Follow up on abandonment rate

Although this list isn’t exhaustive and can never be because the expectations and trends keep changing every moment, but still the purpose of every enterprise is to reduce the abandonment rate and convert the customer visit to sales. This can only be possible if you pay attention to the ease of access factor for the customers. The customer has the complete liberty of choosing the site he/she wants to shop at and one  trick that works is simply being helpful.

It is important to closely track the reasons  for abandonment of such carts and rectify the problem as soon as possible, otherwise 60-80 percent of carts get abandoned according to ( insert citation here)  and yours might be squandering in that number.

Stress on conversion rate

The most important and profitable figure is the conversion rate, and only your constant untiring work along with good judgment of choices and opportunities can help you in increasing it. The problem of choice is one of the biggest dilemmas in the world and has to be handled properly because only you can choose what to keep and what to leave, and these choices will keep changing with the trends. Choosing the best and most flexible eCommerce shopping cart solution can help in making such choices easier and faster, as they actively incorporate such changes to keep up with the trends, and can make customizations according to your needs very easy and swift.

Now here is a formula that offers it all

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