Frequently Asked Questions

We've tried to answer some common questions that come up relating to product sales, licensing, support, and partnership opportunities. If you have a question or request, please use the contact form.

We offer many different plans and options from hosting to perpetual licensing. Our latest shopping cart system is a free version that includes a single Admin user. This is offered to merchants who are ready to take the first step and manage their first ecommerce store.

License Subscriptions - This type of license includes the software download and a license key. You will need to choose a location to host the software, but you will have the freedom to move the entire ecommerce application at any time. The license fee is paid yearly. These plans range from a single Admin user to unlimited.

Exclusive Hosting - For merchants who wants an all-inclusive solution that includes the eCommerce software, hosting, professional services and support. We offer premium hosting services at competitive prices. The fees for hosting are paid monthly.

Perpetual License - This type of license includes the software download and a license key. You will need to choose a location to host the software, but you will have the freedom to move the entire ecommerce application at any time. The license fee is paid once and includes a perpetual (forever) license to use an unlimited version of the application.
Yes, of course! As long as you purchase a license, the software may be installed at any location that supports Asp.Net application hosting. You will also need a database, so make sure to read the system requirements before making your decision.

Consider also the level of service and security expected from the hosting provider. Make sure that your host is in a secure data center, and that you are willing and capable of handling your own software updates, backups, application and website security.

If this sounds too complicated, don't worry, because we also provide full software service and hosting options.
The upgrade is made part of the installation process and is able to take an existing AbleCommerce Gold or version 7 database and make it compatible with the new version. We will provide upgrade instructions and a list of features that have been deprecated or changed in a significant way.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to retain any existing storefront pages or themes from the old version. You can, however, use the new storefront editing tools that allow you to make changes to text, colors, styles, page design, and so much more! Now you will be in complete control of your store and no prior html or coding experience is necessary.
Yes, of course we can! AbleCommerce offers several product import features. In most cases, you will be able to use the built-in tools to import your catalog data. If you have a lot of data, we can work with you to build a custom import process. Please use the contact form to submit a service request. Estimates gladly provided.
AbleCommerce has a single Admin user version that is free. We understand small business owners and their needs because we have been working with entreprenuers for more than 25 years. Our free version enables a start-up business to sell online using a full-featured eCommerce system. Register to download the free version.

It's important that new merchants be given an opportunity to be successful with little to no risk, and we are here to help you do just that. Even if you have no experience with selling online, our support team is experienced, fast, and willing to help you today! To get started, please let us install a demo store, which will be exclusively yours, so that you will have time to do a 14-day evaluation.

Keep in mind that our free eCommerce application will still need to be installed at a hosting facility, but we do give you the option to download the free version and host it anywhere you like. If you prefer to use our exclusive SaaS AbleCommerce hosting service, please review the hosting plans we have available.
AbleCommerce customers, with an active subscription, will be entitled to the unlimited perpetual license. Active subscription holders will have grandfather rights and be able to continue renewing their subscriptions at the current pricing.

Due to a significant shift in our licensing, you must have a current active subscription to receive an entitlement to the unlimited, perpetual version of AbleCommerce v9 with CMS. There is no direct upgrade path from Gold or any earlier version. You must have a current subscription to receive your upgrade entitlement.

If you are using an older version of AbleCommerce with an expired subscription, please view our new plans and decide which option best fits your business needs.
We offer several services ranging from hourly support to upgrade assistance:

Installation Support - All purchases include free installation support via the ticket center. Hosting facility must be able to meet the minimum system requirements.

Software Support - All software support is free with an active plan or subscription. Requests must be submitted to the ticket center. Our technical support covers the documented features of the application.

Upgrade Assistance - Upgrade support is paid and must be estimated. We will give you the option to do as little or as much as you wish. Please use the contact form to submit a request. Be sure to include your domain name and version of AbleCommerce that you want to upgrade from.

Hourly Support - For customers without an active plan or subscription, you may still purchase hourly support for immediate access to the ticket center. This type of support also includes phone assistance, however, the initial request must come in as a new ticket for tracking purposes.
Yes, we have a dedicated development staff ready to help with any custom development projects you have in mind. We gladly provide estimates with your written requirements or specifications. The more complete the requirements, the better and more accurate our estimate will be.

We do work closely with a few dedicated AbleCommerce development companies who may wish to have an opportunity to help as well. We will evaluate the request, discuss your needs, and let you know who will be best suited to help.
There are three main ways to get help:

Community Forums - The community forums are where you can view and post any question or help others. We have public viewing access, but you'll need to use your AbleCommerce store login to post a question. The forums are a great way to provide feedback and get answers to questions that may not be covered in the standard documentation.

Ticket Center - The ticket center is by membership access only. You must have an active support plan to receive assistance from a dedicated AbleCommerce support technician. The typical response time is less than 24 hours.

Scheduled Calls - Although not usually as efficient as the ticket center, we do have a phone support option available for customers who need live assistance. Phone support is a separate fee and each phone call will need to be scheduled once we have a basic understanding of the issue and are able to assign your ticket to a technician who will be most likely to solve the problem in the fastest time possible.
We make it easy to move the application. There are instructions available, but you will also need to make sure of these key points before moving:

License Key - Before you move an installation, locate the last (most current) license key issued. You can find your license key if you login to your account area. A tab "Licenses" is available with all licensing records, and you should also have a record of the license key in an email notification at the time your order was fulfilled.

Encryption Key - The encryption key is not the same as your license key. This is the key that is created from the Configure > Security > Encryption page, within the AbleCommerce application. The key encrypts all sensitive data and must be restored after moving the application.

SSL - The application has settings to enable or disable SSL. Make sure that SSL is disabled in the configuration file before moving to a new website.

Support Services - If you would like us to help you move the AbleCommerce application, it generally takes about 2 hours. Please submit a service request to schedule this service.
Yes, we have helped many customers upgrade from older versions of AbleCommerce. To upgrade to our newest release, you will need to be running AbleCommerce Gold or version 7.

Documentation is available at the help site, but if you would like us to help, then please submit a service request using the contact form. We will work with you to see if any changes or customizations during the upgrade process need to be performed.

Performing a major upgrade on your store is a delicate process, but we are quite familiar with the steps. First, it involves setting up a staging or development site. The test site is where the data upgrade, and any theme work to make the new website look great, takes place.

The last step is to 'refresh' your order and user records. During the transition period, it's important to minimize changes made to the live store. Once you have signed off on the final version, we will help you take the site live.
The Able Developer Program is the starting point to becoming a partner. With registration, you'll receive a free download of the software, developer docs, and opportunities to make money!

We form strong and lasting partnerships with integration providers who offer shipping, payment, and tax solutions. Unfortunately, we get so many integration requests that we can't do them all. Please use the form and submit a request using 'Partnership Opportunities' for additional information.
Yes, we have a developer program, which is free, and includes a free download of the AbleCommerce software. We'll also give you exclusive access to our developer forum where you may post questions and answers about AbleCommerce.

If you would like to work directly with our development team, we do have different levels of support available. Please submit a request to inquire more about the Able Developer Program offerings and costs.
We have a free non-expiring developer version of AbleCommerce available for download. Please review the system requirements before installing. To obtain the software download, you will need to sign up for the Able Developer Program. There are no costs for an entry-level developer.

Sign up for your free developer download of AbleCommerce. You will receive immediate access to our exclusive developer forum, documentation on the API, information on our partner offerings, and volume discounts.
We encourage developers to post their questions to the exclusive Able developer community forum. You will find that our forums is helpful and friendly. Experienced Able developers, and our own staff, are always checking and providing help where possible.

Because AbleCommerce is a powerful and extensible application, it may be necessary to consult directly with an experienced AbleCommerce developer. For such cases, we offer paid developer support to meet your needs.