Holiday shoppers? Really, though, as an eCommerce marketer why be worrying right now about an easy to use ecommerce shopping cart while it’s still mid-summer?

In all likelihood, the majority of eCommerce owners will delay  preparations for the onslaught of holiday business until the last  moment.

But consider how stress-free your preparations will be if you  consider some of the tips offered by BusinessNewsDaily that included  overviews on hardware and platforms.

Look closely at your website.

After you assess your competition’s web presence (PC and mobile!),  consider ways you can make the mobile experience for your customers  truly efficient. Do the photos, graphics and content fit a variety of  mobile formats?

Above all, create a site that navigates easily.

That all-important ‘shopping cart’ !

Today, consumers expect their shopping experience to be quick with  intuitive webpages an shopping carts: use product reviews and ratings.

What’s more, be sure to inform the shopper the status is of his order as he steps through the process.

Payment options?

Maybe you’re partial to just a few choices, like a Visa card or  PayPal. If so, consider offering a variety of payment options, and that  means all of the major credit cards, too.


Retailers and consumers alike live in cyber ‘fear’ of being hacked  and their personal data hijacked. Be sure to get the secure sockets  layer (SSL) authentication as it lets the customer know his data is  encrypted.

Furthermore, making your site fully PCI (payment card industry)  compliant to protect card data as well as keeping regulators happy.

Don’t forget Cyber Monday!

It falls on December 1st this year, and is the time for traffic  surges for online businesses. What’s needed is the ability to “scale up  resources” as well as bring it back down when the traffic gets back to  normal.

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