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At the core of AbleCommerce is the CommerceBuilder engine, a set of compiled .NET assemblies that provide an object framework for ecommerce transactions. The objects provide a friendly interface to link web scripts to the database. This framework is extremely flexible and well documented to make it simple for merchant developers to create a truly custom shopping experience.

CommerceBuilder is written completely in C#, one of the most widely used .NET languages. AbleCommerce is designed specifically for use with the .NET framework. It is also written to work properly within ASP.NET Medium trust, which is necessary for many common shared hosting environments.

On the scripting side, we have employed a new web design framework built on extensions of ASP.NET Themes and Personalization features. Using this framework, merchants can make many modifications to the store without sacrificing the ability to upgrade to new versions of AbleCommerce. It also makes it easy to create, share, and install new themes that can completely change the look, feel, and behavior of a store.


The source code includes the core DLL's provided in source form. We include a Visual Studio solution file that contains three projects. There is also a solution file that contains all the projects for our integrated payment and shipping provider projects.

CommerceBuilder® source code updates are only available to customers with a valid software subscription. Your source code purchase will be associated with a new, or existing AbleCommerce license order. As long as you keep your AbleCommerce subscription current, you will continue to receive source code updates as well.


  • Digitally signed source code agreement
  • New or existing AbleCommerce license

The CommerceBuilder® source is not required for most AbleCommerce customizations, but it can still be a useful reference for the API if you are planning significant customizations.

The CommerceBuilder® API Agreement:

After you place your order, we will hold your payment in a pending authorization until the source code agreement is received and approved. We use a digital e-sign service to complete the transaction. You will need to provide the email and full name of a person with authority to sign.

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