Mobile is becoming a force to be reckoned with in e-commerce design. In a recent study, mobile transactions accounted for 11% of e-commerce during the 2012 holiday quarter and combine e-commerce sales experienced tremendous growth:

Overall, e-commerce sales combined for a 14 percent spike in year-over-year growth, reaching $289 billion in 2012. Over the course of eight years, e-commerce grew from 5 to 10 percent of all U.S. consumer spending with mobile now also accounting for one in every 10 e-commerce dollars spent.

As an e-commerce merchant, mobile design presents some specific challenges. If your considering implementing a mobile design strategy, here are some tips to help increase ecommerce conversion ratio's:

Consider how the user will use your site

Often, a user will find your site with a mobile device, and then decide to order using their laptop or desktop computer. Do you have any easy way for the customer to find the product they previously viewed on different devices?

Make the touch targets big

Since users are using their fingers with mobile devices as opposed to a keyboard, consider making the touch targets larger than you would in a traditional design.

Large targets with ample margins will make the site more comfortable for people with large fingers.

Keep the design flexible

Using flexible design and fluid grids, your website can be designed for the browser viewing your page, not the device being used. By doing this, the website can make adjustments that better enhance the users experience.

If you are using wordpress, many plugins exist to help you do this.

Enclose the checkout

Enclosing the checkout means removing features such as the navigation bar and other links that could distract the buyer and keep them focused on completing the transaction.

The attention span of users on mobile devices is often much shorter than it is on traditional computers. Done right, mobile e-commerce can help you increase your e-commerce ratios.

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