The best way to attract customers to any business is, of course, to advertise. Brick-and-mortar stores do it in a number of ways through local ads, paper flyers, Yellow Pages presence, etc. But what about online businesses? Google has an advertising “pay-per-hit” service known as Google AdWords. By maximizing Google AdWords you can take advantage of a really effective customer attraction tool that takes advantage of the concept of using common keywords that potential customers use in searching for goods and service on Google’s web browser.

What is/are Google AdWords exactly?

AdWords is Google’s online advertising tool that takes your online advertising automatically to the Google search engine when someone uses an appropriate search term that matches your AdWords. As you design short online promotional ads with AdWord combinations, potential customers click on the ad and are taken to the appropriate page on your ecommerce and, ideally, will begin ordering your products.

What is the optimum AdWord?

The Google AdWords site actually offers plenty of help in choosing the optimum AdWords to lure customers to your ecommerce store. Once you sign up for the AdWords service you start by creating your ads by choosing search AdWords related to your business.  When you sign in, you can use the Google “Find keywords page” to get a list of the most frequently used search terms for any given month.

Steps in AdWords development

The most effective AdWords are typically 2-3 words in length and specifically tailored to what your ecommerce site is all about without being too narrow. AdWords are essentially what describes your product with the highest relevancy and drawing the greatest number of customer search matches. Putting some thought into designing your AdWords will help in the decisions you’ll need to make about what page on your website you want the customer to “land.”  For details, see Google’s advice on building the best keyword list.

Your first ecommerce ad campaign

If you have done the research on your AdWords, you have the building blocks in place for moving on to preparing your online ad.  If you’re suffering from writer’s block at this stage, go see Google’s AdWords Help for some great advice. Again, an important element in your online add is, according to Google, “Include at least one of your keywords in your ad text.”

AbleCommerce gets you going…

You can get your ecommerce business up and running with our tailored products that include online complete hosting or a software package for sophisticated developers. Whatever you need or have now needs an advertising campaign and marketing effort so people can find it, feed it and not forget it. Contact us for all your ecommerce needs.