Often times, people want to see what they  are buying. More so, they need to touch and take it for a spin. However,  this is impossible with online products (not unless you major in  web-based software). To compensate for this, you need to make your  products come live through photographs and graphics as a means of increasing ecommerce conversion ratios.Mobile ecommerce graph

With the holiday fast approaching, you need to take advantage of high  quality images. Make sure that customers can make out exactly what you  display on your site. Make sure that the image is clear to depict the  real product. Use a default image to show in full size and add clickable  thumbnails that produce enlarged images.

Your customers need to feel your products. Using multiple images can  help you achieve this. Shoot as many images as you can of the product  from different angles. This depicts the product to the customers to give  them a personal experience.

Another trick is being contextual. According to Practical Ecommerce, “Adding  a contextual live chat may be one of the easiest ways to improve an  ecommerce business overall, and it can be simple to implement.” You  need to show your products in context to make your customers imagine  using them. Through live chats and products demos, you show the  simplicity of applying the products.

Try 360° rotating images. Standard two-dimensional images are  outdated. With rotational images, your customers will have a better view  of the items you have for sale. This has a great impact on their  purchase decisions.

To boost your ecommerce conversions, make use of human photos. You  can post photos of your executive team on your landing page. With photos  of real people on your site, customers feel that they are dealing with  real people. The images of people behind the development of a product  create a personal impact and attract your customers.

Add taste to your blog posts using images. Blogs without pictures  tend to be boring and tasteless. In as much as you have quality content  on your site, you have to spice it up with graphics and photos. Keep in  mind that images play a key role in enhancing readability and user  experience. Images encourage users to read your blogs more and the more  they read, the more they generate a relation with you.

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