Enterprise Class Architecture


AbleCommerce foundations are laid on enterprise class software architecture. Backed by a robust and versatile database design, enhanced with the most advanced and solid NHibernate object relational framework, powered with the flexibility and adaptability of Inversion-of-Control (IOC), and designed with Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA), AbleCommerce is enterprise class software made easy and available within reach of every developer.

Download the AbleCommerce Gold Architecture PDF

Easy and Intuitive API - The CommerceBuilder Framework

The hallmark of AbleCommerce powered websites is the popular CommerceBuilder framework which is set of compiled libraries having most intuitive and easy to follow API that power the ecommerce features of your websites. CommerceBuilder isolates the complex business logic away from your web scripts and lets you focus on your customizations and UI alone.

Powerful Object-Relational Mapping with NHibernate

AbleCommerce Gold raises the bar with enterprise class object-relation mapping features powered by NHibernate. With NHibernate taking care of all the complexities of impedance mismatch between object oriented domain and relation databases, you can focus directly on objects and get the benefits of high code reuse, high productivity, application maintainability and a good application design.

ORM Mapping

Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA)

AbleCommerce makes use of another enterprise class design feature in its latest GOLD series. Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the software design and architecture pattern based on discrete pieces of application functionality being provided / implemented as services to other pieces of the application or other applications.

AbleCommerce GOLD implements important aspects of Business Logic and various features as services. These services can be easily overridden and custom implementations can easily be incorporated. Examples of services implemented in AbleCommerce GOLD are Coupon Calculator Service that implements the coupon calculation business logic, Discount Calculator Service that implements the discount calculation business logic and etc. Similarly there are services like Checkout Service, Ship Rate Calculation Service, Tax Calculation Service and etc.


CommerceBuilder API makes these services available to be overridden by the custom implementations easily. You do not need CommerceBuilder source or any custom changes to AbleCommerce. All you need to do is to provide your custom implementation and let AbleCommerce know that you want it to be used instead of the default. Click here to read more about how to override the default service implementations.

Download the CommerceBuilder API Reference (25 mb)

Published Integration APIs

AbleCommerce works with many third party tools for payment processing, shipping rates, and tax calculation right out of the box. For example there are AuthorizeNet, Paymentech, Avalara, UPS, USPS, and many more. If by chance your desired third party provider is not represented, there is good news. The CommerceBuilder framework uses a provider model where you can integrate a new service without ANY customization to Commercebuilder itself and without the need for any of our compiled source code. All you need to do is inherit from the abstract base class and then add your provider specific code in the empty methods. For each type of integration point we publish the API documentation as well as a fully operational source example.


To find out more on implementing custom payment providers:


To find out more about implementing custom shipping providers:


To find out more about implementing custom tax providers:


Override-able Business Logic Events

One of the prized features of AbleCommerce is that it has a detailed set of business logic events that are fired when their corresponding business logic event takes place. AbleCommerce makes these events easily intercepted and overridden. These events provide a great way to hook your custom code, custom business logic and special handling code at the happening of a desired event. To find out more about the available events and how to incorporate your custom event handlers for these events, please check the link below -

Dependency Injection and IOC with Castle Windsor

AbleCommerce Gold makes use of Castle Windsor for Dependency Injection and IOC Container. All repository interfaces and all service implementations are resolved via IOC container. This makes it very easy for developers to change the implementations to their custom ones.


To read more about how to override the default service implementations are overridden easily using Windsor IOC, please check the link below - http://wiki.ablecommerce.com/index.php/Override_Default_Services_Implementation_for_AC_Gold

Best of the breed database design

AbleCommerce has always been popular among developers for its great database design. It provides a great balance between Normalization and Ease of Use. The database is designed to be neither overly normalized, nor overly de-normalized. It strikes a balance that has been well appreciated by developers for decades.

Fully Integrated with Visual Studio

Visual Studio

Developers love how easily they can simply download AbleCommerce and start working on it immediately in their Visual Studio development environment. What's more - AbleCommerce provides both Web Application solution (WAP) and Web Site solution (WSP). Just use what suits you best.

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Nicely Organized and Structured Code

AbleCommerce code has been known by developers as easy to follow and easy to figure even if they are looking at it for the first time. Excellent organization, intuitive naming conventions, easy to navigate, and well documented code makes it very easy for developers to get started and get going.

Hundreds of re-usable User Controls

There are hundreds of re-usable user controls, plenty of utility code, tons of examples of use of various features make it easy for developers to achieve their custom requirements in no time.

Dynamic Layout Master Pages, ASP.NET Forms, AJAX, JQuery

AbleCommerce Gold has an unparalleled feature that makes use of ASP.NET master pages in a very smart way such that the master pages are dynamically generated based on the layout configuration editing by the merchant. ASP.NET Forms, AJAX and JQuery are used for most of the UI in admin and retail.

Master Pages

Best of the breed database design

AbleCommerce has always been popular among developers for its great database design. It provides a great balance between Normalization and Ease of Use. The database is designed to be neither overly normalized, nor overly de-normalized. It strikes a balance that has been well appreciated by developers for decades.



DAbleCommerce Web API provides access to AbleCommerce store data via RESTful API. This has been implemented using ASP.NET MVC. To find out more about AbleCommerce Web API, please check the link below - http://wiki.ablecommerce.com/index.php/AbleCommerce_Gold_Web_Api

Easy Data Migration

Developers are going to love how easy it is to migrate and import data to and from AbleCommerce. There are data import and data export features using CSV and/or XML. Similarly one can take the entire backup of the database from within AbleCommerce. Upgrading from previous versions is made very simple. Apart from the automatic upgrades, the very old versions can make use of data import/export features.

Data Migration

Easy Customization

With all the features that AbleCommerce ships with you rarely need any customization other than modifying your store's look and feel. If the use of themes, layout editor, CSS editor the built in customization tools aren't enough, AbleCommerce can be customized almost endlessly with direct script modification. Just fire up your Visual Studio and start customizing the code to fit your needs. For manipulating the existing database objects just make use of our simple and easy to follow API which is IntelliSense powered in Visual Studio.

Source Code Available

We generally discourage changes to the source code of the CommerceBuilder framework. In general, it leads to extra hassles for upgrades and almost always it is not necessary to customize the framework to achieve your goals. However we continue to make the source code available for an additional fee. If you have truly specific customization requirements, the source code will let you make changes to the framework itself, or it can be used as a helpful guide to the inner workings of the application.

For a limited time, only $495 with the purchase of an AbleCommerce license.

Shopping cart source code
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