Move AbleCommerce

Price: $100.00
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Moving services are available! Any AbleCommerce installation can be re-located to a different server. The process is technical and involves restoration of a database backup, configuration changes, and access to the web server.

Paid moving services include:

  • Relocating the application files to the target website.
  • Restoring a backup of the production database to the target SQL server.
  • Configuration changes within the application and files.
  • Testing of SSL, license key, and payment gateway also included.
  • Scheduling a date and time to coordinate the DNS changes.

Moving assistance generally takes a minimum of 2 hours to complete. If you are moving your installation to a newer operating system, database server, and/or Asp.Net version, considerations will need to be made for compatibility. The purchase of additional time to configure AbleCommerce for the newer system may be necessary.

Additional information:

  • A minimum of 2 hours is required for this service.
  • Upon request, we can schedule a second database restoration for an additional fee.
  • We cannot guarantee compatibility of old versions with newer unsupported environments.

After your order is placed, there will be a short processing period before you receive an email with further instructions. If you would like to have a third-party work with our technicians, let us know and we'll be happy to help.