In ecommerce web site development the terms “user-friendly” and developer-friendly ecommerce mean somewhat the same, but denote rather different levels of “friendship.” For example, subscribing to a completely hosted web site where all you need do is upload new product descriptions, promotions, etc., might work just fine and is a totally user-friendly approach without the need (nor ability) of extensive customizing.

On the other hand, you might be more interested in an outright purchase of a software package that you can load, customize and find a host server where customers can find you. Then there’s the “gold standard” product that enables ecommerce store owners and developers to do some rather heavy-duty customization using scripts and actually control the design their own web site and keep a running library of the building blocks for future expansion.

Web scripts will almost always suffice

Developer friendly ecommerce web sites rely on ASP.NET scriptiong. ASP.NET scripts are the building blocks that in what developers known as object-oriented customization. All sorts of web site customizing can be based just on web scripts without resorting to basic coding that make up the scripts. It’s somewhat like owning the language without having to learn the parts of speech and grammar. Also owning an application that uses ASP.NET scripts has the advantage of not having to keep the code itself up to date as fixes and new builds come out.

Who needs the source code?

While most users can get along just fine without the source code, there are some cases where purchasing a source code option might be desirable. Site developers night need to get at the core of the software as the only way to do important changes to customizing their work. Likewise, store owners with sensitive, proprietary products and methods might also feel more comfortable with having their own source code. On the other hand, you might be fortunate enough to have your own in-house developer who needs access to the inside of the object-based source coding allowing constant upgrades and customization.

Is developer-friendly ecommerce for you?

If you or your IT employee/consultant can handle the object-oriented programming, want to add robust and well-written and nicely integrated API add-ins to do tax calculations, credit card security management, etc., a developer-friendly ecommerce product is probably down your alley and up your street. Look for robustly structure scripts that create site-wide master pages, easily engineered global changes and all the features that give your ecommerce web site the look and feel of your company’s persona.

AbleCommerce is user-friendly and developer friendly.

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